The Platypus Reader

I’ve been thinking about creating a book on Amazon just to find out what’s involved. I want to be able to answer questions from the UTAZ Writers Group members. Amazon is an obvious choice for many, but only one of our members has used it (Monica Iglesias) and she can’t always come to the meetings.

As I sift through the offerings on Twitter and Facebook, I find myself sharing aphorisms, proverbs and platitudes. Sometimes I hesitate to share because I have questions about these expressions that are too complex to be well served in a Twitter comment or the introduction to a Facebook share. Sometimes I don’t share because there is just too much material flowing past.

Platypus ReaderThe Platypus Reader, my new Facebook page, will be a collection of these sayings. My contradictory spirit is hoping to stir up friendly arguments in the comments. If interesting discussions develop, I’ll share them here. When enough material has collected, I’ll start putting together a book to publish on Amazon. I’ll share those experiences on UNWORDLY also.

I’m wondering how to go about getting contributors to consent to having their part of the conversations in print. I’d like to warn them in advance and wait until I see what comes of this before obtaining legal agreements. I’m not sure that’s the best way to go. I hope none of them object to have their comments shared here. I need a piece of boilerplate to use for asking permission.

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