Christmas letter 2008



It’s difficult to write our annual Christmas letter this year. There were
many good things about 2008, but we’re still reacting to the loss of
Fozzie, who was killed in a traffic accident during the wee hours of the
morning on October 23. She lived with us for twelve years and eight
months, and was an unusual cat with many endearing qualities.

RIP Fearless Foscat. We’ll never forget you.

We’ve now adopted Spooky, and elderly black tomcat whose owner, an elderly lady, was moving and unable to take him with her. He was a handful the first few days, but is settling down quickly. He’s a playful fellow, who loves to chase and catch a catnip “mouse” on the end of a strand of yarn.

Terry & Spooky

Terry has been doing better this year, though he still has kidney stones and other problems and is far from being his old self. He hasn’t been out on the golf course much, but is taking up target shooting again, which he used to be very good at.

Anne has continued her work as a hospice volunteer, and continues to bring library outreach services to the local nursing home. She is also historian and photographer for the Washington County Republican Women. Her newspaper job evaporated as the Hurricane Valley Journal closed its doors at the end of October. She misses attending all those city council meetings. The job lasted only a little over 6 months.

Volunteers – Southern Utah Home Care and Hospice

We love the weather here. A beautiful place with a great climate. It looks like we may even have a bit of snow around for a White Christmas. The local birds aren’t as happy about it as the local children are. (They got off school a day early).

Pictured are a lesser goldfinch (left) and a house finch (right).

Here are a couple of bird photos from last spring. The first photo is of a lazuli bunting – spectacular colors but shy and difficult to photograph. The second is a pair of house finches, an adult and a juvenile, sunning themselves. Terry took this photo. I call it “Sunbathing with Dad”.

We were disappointed that we didn’t make it up to Ione last summer as planned, but the old motor home Terry is renovating turned out to have more problems than we realized. It has lights all over (required) and they have been repaired in the past by an amateur, resulting in a rats’ nest of wiring that is difficult to access. When this is taken care of, I’m sure more surprises will greet us. However, we still plan to spend several weeks on Huckleberry Mountain in the summer of 2009.

Reinee is as lively as ever, growing very strong. She is so quick in her starts and turns that we’re thinking she should have been named “Flash”. Alfie is doing fine, though he can’t see at all any more. He still enjoys his daily walks.

Anne is still learning about her laptop. Here she has just figured out how to use the WebCam as Terry walks into the room.

Have a great 2009!
Terry & Anne

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